Non-Surgical Hair Replacement in Beaverton, OR

A Hair Replacement System That Offers Full, Natural-Looking Volume

Hair Replacement by Zoraida provides high-quality products that are expertly cut, colored, and styled to blend seamlessly into your existing hair, giving you textured and natural-looking volume.

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Proven hair restoration systems for thick, natural-looking hair.

If you’ve been searching for a non-surgical hair replacement solution to thinning hair, Master Stylist Zoraida offers a fully customized Hair Replacement System that works with your existing hair to create natural-looking results.

Unlike traditional hairpieces that tend to look fake and fall apart in the rain or in the shower, these high-quality European products can get wet, withstand wind and exercise, and be styled however you’d like—all while giving your hair the rich and full volume you’ve been looking for.

Our European-sourced products are made from the highest quality materials.

The Hair Replacement System integrates seamlessly with your existing hair, giving you the natural-looking, full mane you’ve been dreaming of.

Zoraida has been in the hair business for 30 years.

Originally from Lima, Peru and fluent in both English and Spanish, she now resides in the vicinity of Portland, OR. She has traveled the globe to attend trainings led by top industry professionals in Milan, Madrid, London, New York City, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Ft. Myers, FL. Zoraida is a Master Stylist, a Master Colorist, and a straight-up expert in all aspects of Hair Replacement.

She’s passionate about helping anyone with thinning or missing hair transform their appearance through the Hair Replacement System that gives them the luscious locks they’ve been wishing for, expertly styled and matched for natural color and density. Zoraida also performs hair salon services that are used to support and increase the longevity of these products.

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Hair Replacement System vs. Hairpieces

Zoraida’s Hair Replacement System

Traditional Hair Pieces

Our Hair Replacement System is a set of procedures that actually replaces the missing hair and appears natural in every way. Traditional hair pieces range from clip-on extensions to clip-in pieces to wigs. They are often placed on top of or alongside your existing hair, which can lead to inconsistent textures and an unnatural appearance.
Our products are sourced from Europe and are of the highest quality currently available. These Hair Systems are hand-tied using natural human hair or synthetic hair, depending on the specifics of the order. Most hair pieces tend to be made from cheaper materials, meaning they tend to stand out from your existing hair and look fake or unnatural.
You can treat your new hair as your own! Play sports, shower, roll the car window down—you can do it all. Many traditional hair pieces are delicate and flimsy, meaning you’ll typically need to remove them when playing sports or taking a shower to prevent damage.
These Hair Systems are customized to fit you and are sized when you order them. You’ll receive a final fitting when they are received to make sure they suit you perfectly. Hair pieces are often sold as “one-size-fits-all,” meaning that they may look obvious and unnatural because they aren’t tailored to your measurements.
The Hair System is matched to your hair color, texture, and density so that it blends seamlessly with your existing hair. Many traditional hair pieces are made of cheaper material and may only be available in limited colors, textures, and styles. Even if you try to match them to your existing hair, it probably won’t blend well or appear natural.
Master Stylist Zoraida can fit, adjust, and maintain any type of Hair System. She will personally style and blend your new Hair System to create that undetectable “Full Head of Hair” look you’ve been searching for. With other hair pieces, you’ll have to do your best to incorporate the piece into your hair on your own, or you may end up working with a stylist who has little experience with Hair Systems, leaving you with underwhelming results.

Frequently Asked Questions about Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

How long does the Hair Replacement System last?

By following the recommendations for how to maintain and care for your Hair Replacement System (cleaning and maintenance appointments once a month — just like getting a haircut!), you will increase its longevity. With proper care, you can typically expect your Hair System to last a year or more.

Is the Hair Replacement System natural or synthetic?

Both options are available. You can decide which option to choose depending on your preference.

Can I treat the Hair Replacement System like my own hair?

Yes! The system is virtually carefree and can be treated as you would treat your natural hair. This means you can wash it, shampoo it, style it, play sports with it, and let the wind blow right through it—the System will stay put.

Do you provide the maintenance that is needed to make the System successful?

Maintenance is essential to increase longevity. Zoraida provides all the necessary maintenance and adjustment services, including any repairs that may be needed. Regular maintenance requires no more appointments than a regular monthly hair cut.

How hard is it to change my style or color?

Salon services can be performed on the pieces, or alternate pieces can be ordered and tailored to suit your needs. Zoraida will help you transform your vision into a reality.

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